Delhi Queer Pride Parade 2011
Dec 2011 07

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Disclaimer: The photographs were shot during Delhi Queer Pride Parade on 27th November 2011. The photo essay is being published online and will be circulated for non-commercial purposes. If your photograph is in the album and you wish to get it removed, please email Rachit Sai Barak at


  1. Ishita Chaudhry says:

    So proud of you Rachit, this is just beautiful. Wish more people and their families read this and have the courage to speak up and speak loud :)

  2. Nikita Ojha says:

    These pictures are beautiful. They capture the true spirit of freedom :)

    Great work !!

  3. Ipsita Kuthiala says:

    So so so very proud of you Rachit. Your work is magic and so are you. I hope more and more people are moved to speak up and be proud of themselves, their families and their community. :)

  4. ravisha mall says:

    BEAUTIFUL! i have a friend in one of these pictures and he looks amazing too! :P

    but yes…the essay captures the essence of an evening that celebrated freedom of primal instincts and the choice to love…hats off.

  5. sherry says:

    Very Very Nice .. India still needs to learn a lot about living in harmony with everyone :)

  6. Shivanggy Sharma says:

    Love has many colours- the most important of them is freedom!


  7. Ishan Saluja says:

    This is beautiful. And I don’t just mean the photographs. :)

  8. Rachit says:

    Ishan, Shivanggy, Sherry, ravisha, Ipsita, Nikita and Ishita. Thank you so much :) . I am glad that you guys like it.

  9. Zoya Ayub says:

    So damn proud of you Rachit :)

  10. Aryan says:


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