Mar 2013 31

by Bani Bains

19, Peer Educator- Know Your Body, Know Your Rights.


For all those who don’t know me (yes, there is a sizable population that doesn’t), my name is Vagina. I exist in the bodies of most women, and yet so many of them blush, giggle, snigger or feel embarrassed at the mention of my name. This is one of the countless things that scare me. I perform some of the most vital functions of the female body, yet most people are ashamed to utter my name in public. Our names are bad, abusive words – definitely not words children should be hearing or reading of.

Another thing that scares me to no end is the fact that so many women, (including the one writing this) don’t know exactly where I am located in their own bodies. Many times, I am just clubbed in with other organs between the thighs and we are collectively called ‘Genitalia’. It scares me that so few people know us by our own individual names, and so few people actually care enough to give it a second thought.

I am so scared because many a times, the only reason why teenagers would take my name would be to joke among their peers. The roots of my fear are people’s mindsets. The appendix, which performs absolutely no function in the human body, is given more respect than I am. I wish I could reach out to people to whose bodies I belong, and even to those whose bodies I don’t. I wish I could tell them what an absolute and significant role I played in THEIR creation.

My name is Vagina, and I am the most understated organ of the female body. My name is Vagina, and my fears are countless. My name is Vagina, and I look forward to the day when people will be able to speak it out in public. My name is Vagina, and I wish for people to believe I am beautiful.My name is vagina and I am scared of the world I exist in, the indifferent bodies I live in. My name is Vagina and I want to be talked about, not repressed.

My name is Vagina and I need you to start talking about me and drive my fears away.

 (This article is inspired by the women and girls I have met at the several workshops that I facilitated as part of the Know Your Body; Know Your Rights program at The YP Foundation. Most of these girls had very vague ideas about what a vagina is, what it does and other related concepts like menstruation, masturbation, childbirth and reproduction. The dire need to celebrate sexuality, celebrate our bodies in the society we live in stands to be the biggest challenge for us, as advocates of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Writing about the vagina and giving it a voice makes me feel half a step closer to fulfilling this cause.)

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  1. mannat says:

    Very good initiative. I also agree that most people even girls dont know their body. They dont even know the reason the reason behind the menstruation cycle. I would like to help in his initiative in any way possible.

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