Why comprehensive sexuality education?
Mar 2011 30

“What would be the quality of education without totality in the approach? If in Chemistry, one is taught the chemical properties of two elements, one is also taught that mixing the two would lead to a third compound. Scientific education builds up one’s logical reasoning. Why deprive an individual of the reasoning when it comes to Adolescence Education Programme? Give a young person the freedom to be able to access information and services and to make own informed choices. Stop human rights’ violation.”

Radhika Mathur, 21 , Jaipur

“Our leaders, both political and religious need to understand that rise in abortions, HIV use of contraceptives (which is in a way harmful due to continuous use) among young people is due to ban on sex related education. This is reality! Hope we will be heard politically and religiously.”

Peter F. Borges, 30 years (Human Touch), Nagpur

“Comprehensive sexuality education shouldn’t be about the biological, physical part of the act alone. It needs to encompass discussions on emotions, consent, safety and in this light be an avenue through which young people can discuss and shatter gender and sexual stereotypes that stifle our progress as intellectual beings.”

Mirna Guha, 23 years , Kolkata

“The hypocrisy surrounding sexuality education in India is mind-boggling. 50% of Indian children are sexually abused and Maharashtra has refused to move forward on a sexuality education curriculum. So we can have sex with kids, we just can’t talk to them about it? Boom.”

Ryan Beck Turner, 24 years, Pune

“Sexuality education is required not only to inform young people about safe sex and protection from HIV and STDs, but also to break the taboo around the issue, to make people comfortable about their body, identity and sexuality.”

Rachit Sai Barak, 19 , Gurgaon


  1. Rakshita Dobhal says:

    Why Comprehensive Sexuality Education?
    Because we do not live in a world remotely Utopian and hear about rape and molestation and STD’s everyday.
    Because anything remotely sexual is referred to as ‘IT’ by countless people around me still.
    Because I have the right to know and not have muddled up ideas about anything including sex and sexuality, and so do others around me.

  2. Jasmine says:

    From my own experiences, and from those of the ppl around me ( a LOT many , at that) , I have inferred that the lack of knowlegde (correct and complete) at the right age, leads to confusion and muddled ideas about it , or ignorance. And this, in turn, leads to disasterous results in numerous cases, like child abuse, non-consensual sex , teenage pregnancy, etc

  3. Rachit Sai Barak says:

    I agree with most of the comments, Sexuality education is more than what it is currently being perceived as. It is about one’s mental, physical and sexual health. It is understanding yourself and respecting your body, esteem and rights. Directly or indirectly sexuality education would benefit anyone and is connected to other issues as well.

  4. Kamiya Kumar says:

    Young people have a right to know, experience, speak out for what is rightfully ours – our body! The lack of openness and willingness to discuss our sexuality has myriad repercussions that adversely affect every young person. This needs to be changed.

  5. Saranya says:

    It is the highest level of thick headedness to not think that there is a causal connection between our complete ignorance of sexual education and our burgeoning population, our ever increasing number of HIV positivians ( i prefer this term) and several other STDs, among other things. Why do, we as a government, not think that one of the most basic human instincts need to be addressed as much as the 3 Rs is truly beyond me.

    Literacy is about empowering people to live their own life. Not statistics and global ego boosts. Sexuality education, by definition, will empower people to best face situations that they are guaranteed to face in their lives.
    If a democratic government does not deem it their core prerogative to be responsible about the lives of their people and the lives that those people will affect…i think its time for change.

  6. himakshi says:

    Hey everyone! Thank you for your comments. Keep them coming! Just a quick request – please tell us your age and city as well :) Thanks!

  7. Akanksha Kamra says:

    If we have the right to receive education on the various social and live sciences, which form a part of our daily education, then so should we have a right to know and talk about our choices where sex and sexuality are concerned.

    Comprehensive Sexuality Education is required to remove the “social stigma” attached to realities pertaining to sexuality. It is a MUST so that this society learns to respect the choices an individual makes in his life as everyone has a basic right to LIVE LIKE THEY WANTS/WISHES TO.

  8. Aanchal says:

    I think comprehensive sexuality education is necessary because I think what holds a lot of people back to know more about their own sexuality is the lack of information and their hesitancy to know about the same.
    I think it’s a great idea.

  9. Ankita Sharma, 22, Hoshiarpur, Punjab says:

    Sexuality is an integral part of everyone. Young people cannot be detached from the idea of sexuality because of social constrains. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is definitely a must!

  10. Nanditha J says:

    Look at the Sex Ratio in different parts of India. Count the number of instances where women get raped, molested and sexually harassed. Is this because of a lack of comprehensive sexuality education? Maybe not. But DEFINITELY due to a lack of respect that should be shown to women.

    And the first step to this is comprehensive sexuality education.

    Unless both males AND females understand the importance of their body and their rights, we cannot evolve as a society. Thus, for the general betterment of the society as a whole, we should be inclined towards Comprehensive Sexuality Education!

  11. Anirudh says:

    Most people afraid to talk on these issues because to them its still a “forbidden topic” because that’s the way they have been brought up! Sexuality is still considered a very hush hush thing in many communities. Unless this attitude is changed problems of AIDS, sexual orientation and even gender empowerment cannot be effectively dealt with. And the only way to bring this topic into the limelight is through Comprehensive Sexuality Education. In my opinion, its high time that sex education is made a mandatory subject in every school (public and private).
    The fact of the matter is – everybody knows about it, but nobody wants to talk about it
    This has to change…

  12. Prerna, 18, from Delhi says:

    Totally second Radhika.
    Totality is what is required the most. There have been attempts at Sexuality Education but most of them have turned out to be pretty much futile due to the sheer lack of completeness in them. A comprehensive approach is the need of the hour. It’ll only empower people.

  13. Ipsita Kuthiala says:

    i don’t understand why talking about sex is so taboo. We all do it . It gives us pleasure. A lot of things give us pleasure (driving, drinking, traveling, music) if we can talk about them so openly, then why not SEX.

    There needs to be a change in attitude. Sexuality education is important for this very reason. And it is also important for everyone to understand that sexuality education is not merely about sex, it entails a lot more than that.

  14. Anindya Basarkod says:

    A billion and still reproducing like rabbits. AIDS rising and politicians still idiotic. That’s why.

  15. Supriya, 23, Chennai says:

    We need sexuality education because we need to break the taboo and deal with the realities of our lives which are very different from those of our parents and grandparents.

  16. Karan, 17, Bhopal says:

    I think sexuality education is important so people can come to terms with their own sexuality and learn to accept the different sexualities different people have.

  17. Sushant Sapra, 20, Delhi says:

    I agree with Ipsita. I don’t understand why there is a taboo? We can talk about all other kinds of pleasures except this one? Hypocrisy! Sexuality education is needed to make talking about sexuality ‘normal’.

  18. Juhi, 19 says:

    We need sexuality education especially because a lot of the girls get married at a very early age with no idea of what sex is, let alone any knowledge or understanding of sexuality and sexual health. Most of them find sex painful and are not prepared for its physical, emotional and psychological consequences even. So yes, comprehensive sexuality education is a must, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

    • Disha Sethi,20,New Delhi says:

      Its important because you and I need to know about our bodies

      Its about knowing what Sex is, why is it important and most importantly understanding for yourself. To break the taboo, the myths and the social structure around it..

  19. himanshu says:

    coz we are ignorant and curious…

  20. Anuj says:

    So that we get the info we need..why do we need such info? Well, simply coz we have GENITALS and a few hormones etc. working in our body..which have enormous implications!!

  21. Aarti says:

    Human rights – a term i find is used on a very frequent basis. We express ourselves, our concerns and take action to make some kind of difference in most fields in this aspect, but why is it that as soon as it has anything to do with being comfortable with the sexuality of a person or practicing safe sex, it brings about a sudden change in enthusiasm. Why do majority of the people around us still feel prejudiced against how openly one should discuss ‘sex’.? I completely agree with himanshu, we are ignorant yet curious. Then why not do something about it?

  22. Dakshita says:

    In a country where HIV/AIDS is rampant, Comprehensive Sexuality Education is extremely important. Educating children at an early age will help serve the purpose.

    New Delhi.
    Age – 18.

  23. Dr. Kislaya rakesh says:

    Its a sound idea. And about time. 1: Implementation, given th current standard of education n staff related to it in govt setups, might be an issue, but only once we start can we tackle the problems that crop up. 2: Contrary to popular perception (parents, teachers mainly) sex ed isnt JUST about SEX!! Its about all the changes we go through while growing up, physically, emotionally, intellectually…. These aspects need to be addressed by ppl trained to do so, and sensitive to th needs of our children and adolescents. 3: Not only will it empower our next gen of adults, but will also make them aware of th predators and problems (orientation, attraction, sayin no, contraception etc) that everyone undoubtably faces. (parents n teachers need to face it too, there ARE predators around!!) 4: its always better to give out information in a safe healthy environment, than to let our kids run aroun gleaning what they can from magazines, movies, friends, n unsavoury adults. (n i dont mean femina when i say magazines!) 5: Lets stop shying away from our own sense of prudence n shame bout taboo topics n get down to that most important task of a society. EDUCATING kids!! In Whatever form required! I totally support this as a professional, n more importantly, ex-child resorting to friends n movies for sex ed! :) It can be taken up in phases, but lets please, at least, start! Dr. Kislaya. 26, new delhi.

  24. Sonal, 16, Delhi says:

    Because it is important for us to make informed decisions, in all aspects of life. Sexual Health and Sexuality are important issues in our life and this is a fact and these subjects should be treated as such rather than hushing it up.

  25. Anant ,20 says:

    I think it is important because it gives people the knowledge to explore and experiment with their sexuality.
    It gives them a basis to come to terms with their own sexuality and avoid unwanted confusion.

  26. akshay, 19, Delhi says:

    sexuality education is needed so that we do not end up ruining our own and someone else’s life only because of the sheer ignorance exhibited by the society and us together.

  27. Prateek says:

    The lack of structured knowledge leads to assumptions and hence distortion of facts. But when this distortion leads to a crisis – like an unwanted pregnancy or an STD, who is accountable? The Education Board? NO. It is suddenly a matter of personal principles and skewed moralities.

    Such a system JUST WON’T DO.

  28. Manasvita says:

    A lot of people have problems with what they consider sexually explicit posters, films etc which they think will give the youth a ‘wrong idea’ about sex. but who is giving them the ‘right information’ or any information at all??
    I think we definitely need sexuality education.

  29. Keerti says:

    There is a need for comprehensive sexuality education so that discussing about sex no more remains a taboo.Things like these should be emphasized upon because people have lot of misconceptions related to sex and sexuality which need to be cleared.A better understanding regarding sex and sexuality needs to be developed among the people so that they could make better choices on the basis of information provided to them & also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  30. Apurva, 20, Delhi says:

    Why comprehensive sexuality education? – to help young teenagers understand the changes they will face in their bodies and minds and to be able to cope with them, without the urge to experiment prematurely with their developing sexual instincts. If inculcated in young minds systematically, consistently, and with care of their innocence, sexuality education would hopefully lead to a country with more caution of sexual problems like AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and also generate certain respect for the act of sex, which in our country today is treated almost animalistically.

  31. Tanya says:

    Sex education starts as early as grades 5 & 6 in the west. Once the children stop giggling & blushing & being totally grossed out, it leads to an open & informed discussion on puberty, sex, healthy lifestyle choices, diseases, abstinence, & the consequences of becoming pregnant. I have witnessed first hand how eagerly kids grasp all this, specially the graphic visuals of STDs that are shown to them. If not all, at least a majority is taking note & making wise choices in the future, thanks to sex ed. class. Rather than being misinformed by their peers, they are a better informed & educated young lot, who know what a little mistake on their part can lead to. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about bringing sex ed into schools. I think it’s about time Indian schools took a step in the right direction.

  32. Angarika, 20, Burnpur, West Bengal says:

    Young people should be equipped with information to help them negotiate decisions impacting their lives, in all spheres of influence- the family, educational institutions and ultimately, with policy makers. There needs to be inter generational dialogue. Young people’s voices need to be heard.

  33. Saumya Kumar 20 Lucknow says:

    Sexuality education is needed to empower young people so that they can make informed choices.The amount of misinformation that is circulated is appalling and needs to be addressed.It helps young people to understand their body and the changes that happen in it and its high time we realize that sex is not a taboo!!

  34. Rudraneel Roy ,19,New Delhi says:

    With a lot of prejudices falling apart,the need for such a program becomes even more important. It would also help to change the way such issues are looked at and help people move forward and deal with their issues. Especially considering its one of the most primal instincts of mankind.

  35. Arjun, 19, Panipat says:

    Because everyone has right over his/her own body and do whatever they want. Information is needed so that they can make right choices regarding issues related. People are ignorant and they should stop making issue of such things.

  36. Monica Gupta says:

    There is a rising NEED for sexuality education so we can make “choices” and not just “impulsive decisions” due to lack of information and awareness.
    CSE is a must to be able to regard, respect and take care of ones own body.

  37. Nikhil Singhal says:

    The fact that such a topic needs to be discussed and debated, rather than being considered a bare necessity is reason enough for me….

  38. Gopika, 24, Chennai says:

    There are so many socially-constructed stereotypes and prejudices that we hold as individuals about sexuality. It’s time we started looking at sexuality as being about choices, rights, desires, individuality and freedoms. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is the first step towards beginning the dialogue about this- to build a generation not afraid to be themselves, without being judged.

  39. Because at a personal level, I grew up learning through friends whispering in my ear, where every one assumed my sexuality to be heterosexual and an informed choice meant having your friends consent.

    Its not much of an assumption to say that this issue is a part of everyones life, yet it is something that can’t be discussed in public and carries numerous stereotypes, judgements and misnomers with it, which is why educating the youth about it is important and necessary.

  40. Shishir Jain says:

    We are approaching towards the 21st century and still we are still not at par with the developed nations. We are a country full of all types of religions but also many religious superstitions and many constraints and talking freely about sexuality. Specially teenagers don’t talk about their opinion freely in front of their parents leave aside society so sexuality education will make them more informed and confident as they will come to know that there is someone (teachers or social activist) who they can talk to about their decisions , their opinion and their knowledge about sexuality.
    This will help not only in making society better also our future will be secured and feel free.

  41. Sonali Kamboj, 21, New Delhi says:

    It’s weird to witness that in a country like India which is the second most populous nation after china, talking about sex is still a taboo. Sexuality is a major part of our identity and therefore, it’s extremely important to discover our own sexuality.
    When an individual reaches puberty, there are lot of questions running through one’s mind and it’s a very confusing place to be in as the experience is new. And because talking about sex or explaining about “birds and bees” is not very common in every household, people turn to the only people or things they can trust and find – friends, porn, magazines, etc. One takes time in accepting one’e sexuality and all things that go along with it. But at times, misleading information, not only adds to the already confused thoughts but also prevents people in making choices or expressing themselves. Therefore, CSE is essential.

  42. What is equally important when understanding the role of sexuality education is the process of LISTENING. Lately, what is heartening is the active debate on the provision of adequate teaching & learning around the themes of sexuality education within the public sphere, but this needs adequate encouragement within the private sphere of individuals, peer groups, families and communities. Individuals require a patient and informed listeners in order to negotiate with the myths, misconceptions, questions, fears and challenges of understanding their own sexuality and health within the context of the families and societies they are immersed in. Adolescents, youth and adults need to not understand that they have rights, but need to be equipped to really grasp these rights and exercise them confidently.

  43. A recurring theme we hear about today is the role of education and it’s importance and impact on every aspect of daily life. A lack of an understanding of the needs of young people can reduce the sensitivity towards their needs and expectations. Positive and constructive support from school structures in particular is vital for adolescents, along with sufficient and accurate information of their sexuality, sexual rights, reproductive health and rights along with life-skills based education. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is necessary to understand the complexities of adolescent life and subsequently equip young people with knowledge about their bodies and bodily rights.

  44. Yogen says:

    People actualy feel shy when it comes to talk about sexual transmitted diseases or something important related with sex and most of all education on it. But we don’t feel shy or hasitant if we talk about any other disease …why?
    This is happening because the people who feel hasitant(but actualy want to speak) didn’t get the environment or should i say the freedom to read/speak/hear on sexuality.
    Once i was performing a skit in a school in Rajasthan on HIV Aids but my team was strictly prohibited to take the name of “condom” by the school authorities and delete all such dialogues from the skit. That moment i felt that we even don’t have freedom to talk about such a big problem which if lacks can directly lead to HIV or other STDs.

    Sexual education is must if we want to break this barrier of communication and see our coming genertion take breath in the fresh air of all kinds of education and knowledge.

  45. Ubaidur Rahman,21,Azamgarh,Uttar Pradesh. says:

    it is because……..if knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.

  46. Ubaidur Rahman,21,Azamgarh,Uttar Pradesh. says:

    A survey report says:
    Teens who received comprehensive sex education were 60 percent less likely to become pregnant or impregnate someone than those who received no sex education.

  47. Dikshita, 20, Patna says:

    Why not “Comprehensive Sexuality Education”?
    Would you rather have your child do something stupid like have unprotected sex or watch porn to learn about it? You wouldn’t explain your kid how he was born, you wouldn’t let his teacher discuss reproductive health or sexual orientations, and neither would you want him or her to talk openly about sexual intercourse with friends. The consequences of this communication barrier would be worse than you can even imagine.

    Comprehensive Sexuality Education is needed because sexual oppression is the biggest contributor to all sex related issues (for example AIDS) that we are so afraid of…

  48. Rachit, Delhi says:

    i think as education is imp. sexual education is much inp. too
    in the we are living in each second 4 childs taking birth
    also this sexual education will not only birng poppulation under control but also give knowledge to younger generation about sex.
    A boy like me even at the age of 18 was failed to understand some words in survey form just because of lack of sex education. the knowledge provided in the school text books is limited moreover it is imposed on the student rather than as way to impart the knowledge.

  49. Yachna Tuteja,19,Delhi says:

    Its my right to know about the issues i am curious and care about. I dont want someone else making a decision for me. If we can learn about other subjects then why about sex and sexuality?

  50. Apeksha, 19, Mumbai says:

    Why Sex Ed?

    *Because it is time we end the hypocrisy surrounding sex.
    *Sex for me is not the same as sex for you
    *Protection is sexy
    *Because being informed is sexy
    *People with alternative sexualities are for real and it is time we stop stereotyping them with the projections of our own ignorant minds
    *Nothing prevents HIV/AIDS like being aware and responsible
    *Sex Ed –> Smarter People –> Lesser Population

  51. Garv Khanna says:

    Because its time to change, to open up and above all grow.

  52. Nandini Ahuja says:

    Most of the people are scared to talk about such issues.The word sex is a taboo in our society.
    Sexuality education is needed because every person has the right to know about their body.Thus it is time we change the attitude of the people,so that everyone gets the right information and better understanding on sexuality,HIV/AIDS.

  53. anal meghpushp says:

    I think sexuality is a very confusing aspect of life.everone thinks that or at least they pretend that they already know a great deal about it..but the fact is most of them are miseducated and remain confused.

    the basic hindrance to sexual knowledge in our society is not taboo or stereotype rather partial education about sex and health that is imparted to the teenager during elementary level which tend to mislead about the very concept.

    so comprehensive sexuality education should be an implementation on top of the convention hierarchy.

  54. Aakriti Bhatia says:

    Because it is our body and our decisions. And we have the right to make them. Society has to learn how to respect an individuals choice. Knowledge and Information about sexuality is a MUST today.
    The more we know about our body and our choices, the more we respect it.

  55. Arnav Adhikari says:

    Well, sex ed is really important, I feel. Being a 17 year old with reasonably active hormones, I have alot of questions which I would like to be answered.HOwever, we haven’t had enough open conversation or discussion about sex(or the like) with teachers or educators.

    I’m all for it.

  56. Gayeti Singh says:

    Many parents/family members remain shy to broach the subject of sex/sexuality with their teens, and with the amount of dubious information on the internet and other media outlets circulating among friends, an important point of access to reliable, accurate information are schools and sex educators.
    Sex education will equip young people to better understand reproductive health and safe sex practices. It will enable young people to understand that sexual curiosity is natural, and promote informed choices.
    I would be more comfortable knowing that the future generation is aware, knows their body, has access to reliable information, and has an avenue where her/his questions and concerns about sexuality can be addressed.

  57. There is a need for a different outlook towards Sex Ed. It is a structured approach to understand ourselves and our body better, so that we engage in healthy practices, keep ourselves healthy and fit which will showcase itself on an individualistic level as well as at a macro level as the generic health of the nation is dependent on the people and Sex Ed. is necessary for an informed and a healthy tomorrow

  58. Pia Sethi says:

    Sex Eduction is absolutely necessary. As mentioned by a lot of people, being informed is key and will eventually lead to controlling the population of a country like India, which is much needed.

  59. With 70% of India’s population below 30 years of age you cant have an entire country which doesnt know about its own body…the youth have the right to know their own body..

  60. Kartikeya Singh, 26, Jodhpur says:

    Sexual Education is a fundamental right for the progress of society. It can have profound impacts for the empowerment of women and for population growth in India. Furthermore, it can help bring attention to the voices of those who have suffered from sexual abuse that often go unheard.

  61. Manasi Bose, 21, New Delhi says:

    Sexuality education is definitely a necessity, especially today. Young people today are more aware about the world in general than they were even uptil a few years ago and by the time they enter their teens, most are already aware of issues surrounding sex and sexuality. Not providing them with correct information or allowing them to express their doubts and confusion will only push them to seek this information elsewhere- and this information may or may not be accurate. It’s a much smarter option to openly discuss these issues with them- let them know its not “hush-hush” or abnormal. Helping them understand themselves will help them make better-informed life-choices.

    Manasi Bose, 21, New Delhi

  62. Mohit Anand, 24, Delhi says:

    Being aware can help individuals make the right choices.

  63. Vandana, 27 says:

    It couldn’t be more vital. Abstinence-only sex education can never be a substitute for medically accurate, guilt-and-shame-free sources of information. In an age of sexual emancipation, being blasé or sweeping underage sex under the rug is ridiculous, regardless of cultural background.
    Culture is not a monolith: despite our nation’s best efforts, realities are shifting and changing, and for policymakers to acknowledge this is key. A lack of acknowledgement of the issues at hand is nothing if not a colossal failure on their part.

  64. siddharth sood says:


    comprehensive sex education leads to an extremly imp part of our understanding of ones self.all sections of society must be made privy to the various modern options of contraception available as these could be life choices for many and knowledge of this nature can only help any individual in being cautious of the life choice they are to make.

  65. gr8 job in spreading sexual education……..

  66. When I was an adolescent, I learnt about sexuality from books and misguided information given by friends and always grew up with guilt about my own sexual needs and explorations. I took my decades to overcome that feeling of guilt and lead a sexually normal life-style. I so wish someone had shown empathy and taught me about sex and sexuality when I was growing up so that I could have grown up looking at sex as a healthy option and most importantly not lived in guilt for so many years. I believe sexuality education is the cruz of a healthy childhood development and its a human right.

  67. Karishma, 20, New Delhi says:

    sexuality education is a must as people have the right to know about their bodies. It should be a part of our basic education , as people start experimenting with their bodies from an very age specially as the generation progresses. Not having correct information leads to various health problems, which can be avoided. Sex ed is now a need , and shouldn’t just be for the educated classes.

  68. Young people have the right to receive comprehensive and accurate education on human sexuality so that they can make informed decisions. Evidence shows that young people who receive sexuality education are less likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour. Contrary to popular belief, providing sexuality education actually results in delaying the onset of sexual activity amongst young people. It is also been shown that comprehensive sexuality education is crucial to help young people protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections including HIV. If young people do not receive accurate information from schools or trusted sources, they rely on faulty and dangerous information from unreliable sources such as the internet or pornographic magazines, which puts them at risk. There is no culture or tradition that promotes ignorance over healthy and informed behaviour. Governments need to stop playing politics with the lives of young people and owe up to their duty to provide comprehensive sexuality education.

  69. joi barua says:

    i think this has been a long time coming…we need to pursue it with sincerity at the soonest. Especially for people from the lower economic strata, the importance of this knowledge is paramount.

  70. Tanu D, 18, Delhi says:

    Sex Education is as important as any other kind of education.
    Who wants to die of a sexually transmitted disease? And why is it that a nation who produces worlds-best educationists, lacks in this field and is incapable of spreading genuine education and save lives?
    I got the minimum sex ed from my mother at the age of 16, that too was restricted. 16 is not the age for sex education. But 13-14 is! When we have studies on Gender socialization and identification, then why not this?

    I think, its TIME.
    And it will be a shame if we fail in initiating this!

  71. Rachit Gupta says:

    With the changing social landscape and younger and younger people getting sexualy active, Sexuality education is a must! By denying this to the teens or even the “tweens” for that matter is just going to make them seek information elsewhere, the source of such information being highly doubtful. It would lead to a much bigger problem in the years to come!

    Rachit Gupta, 26, New Delhi

  72. Young adults hv got to have the right to be informed of how their body works……
    It is their right to informatin!!!!

  73. Naasha Mehta says:

    It constantly surprises me to know that such a huge segment of our population is subject to such regressive thought. Sex is a basic drive that’s up there with thirst and hunger. If our policy makers actually bothered to read their text books they’d know this. So banning sex education is like preventing irrigation, or agriculture or better yet – cooking classes! It’s all just unbelievably ridiculous.

  74. simran, 30, new delhi says:

    Its high time that the Government included Sex Education in school curriculums to be taught at the appropriate age/class etc., since knowledge is the most powerful tool in preventing a multitude of problems like HIV, STDs, Birth Control etc. Even Government Expenditure on treatment of these diseases would go down if people knew better.

  75. Anubhav says:

    In a country with so many people in 18-25 bracket, sex is bound to happen. Questions is: are these people equipped to handle the consequences

    Maybe, maybe not. With sex education we better the chances of being on the right side of the stat.

  76. Aishwarya Kumar , 20 says:

    We’ve got Advertisements on TV, people speaking on it, then why NOT implement it lawfully in states?? ” KNOW YOUR BODY , KNOW YOUR RIGHTS” – The slogan in itself speaks volumes! Its time.

  77. Nitin Malik says:

    Why i think its a must is the same as millions across the country have been screaming from the top of their voices for years. Kids need to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, harmful and harmless sexual habits. They are much smarter than what we give them credit for, please lets just empower them with the right knowledge before they find out with negative consequences through experimentation which almost always ends in disasters. And then we just turn around and blame them for bringing shame to the family. Time we embrace and empower our children rather than accuse them of something that WE are guilty off in the first place.

  78. Nikhil, 26, Bangalore says:

    What happens in India? On one hand you have nonstop titillation in the media, and on the other hand, the biological phenomenon that causes it is hidden and denied. Unfair? Yes. Especially when someone’s hitting puberty, has all these hormones racing.
    Teach children about sex. They have the right to know, and the right to choose.

  79. Priyanka Rajan says:

    How much of a bigger hypocrite can the second most populous country be, by not legitimizing sexual education? Not doing so has led to continually perpetuating the cycle of ignorance about youth society, and spreading the status quo of being able to do nothing to change it. It’s most apt when they ask you to know your body, and know your rights. We’re in the 21st century for crying out loud, let’s not raise our kids in the dark.

  80. Sharmada says:

    It’s simple! It’s imperative to ‘know’! And knowledge empowers people. Sex Education is important and can’t be done without. It’s learning about who you are or even, can be. It’s high time it was implemented. We need to grow.

  81. Because even 6 year olds reckon that storks bringing in a basket full of babies is lame. We’ve held on to our double standards for far too long. On one hand we talk about being “liberal” and “tolerant” (read: scrapping of section 377 and all the associated hoo hah), while on the other we shush any living room conversations which start with “mom where do babies come from?”

  82. Saurabh, 22, Delhi says:

    Let’s see. I struggle with my parents. I struggle with my finances.. I struggle with career related issues and questions.. In short, I struggle with a lot of things in my life including my sexuality, and what that essentially means. And, I’m sure i’m not the only one. If there is even the faintest hope that any sharing of information on the issue of sexuality or any open discussions that such sharing might lead to would facilitate the way in which people ( including and in particular, young people ) deal with this issue.. then i am all for it!

  83. keith says:

    WHY??? coz this is a bad ass world, we come from the land of kamasutra but have degenerated into a confused sexually deprived and frustrated society. SEX is a taboo, less talked off leads to more curiosity; rape, molestation, perversion and exploitation.

    The only way to know and to speak out is by EDUCATION. its the only way to EMPOWER an individual.


  84. Alan, 18, New Delhi says:

    Because it helps spread awareness about something that is very much a part of us but which we have ignored & pushed away for too long. Ignorance will only worsen the situation. Young people get information from various sources & there is no real way to help them discern b/w accurate & inaccurate. Sex Ed helps them get this accurate info & help them determine which sources and information they can trust in the future. It will help find out what they really think, add to existing knowledge or correct any present misinformation. Less/wrong information just puts more people at risk. Sex Ed also helps people develop a positive attitude about their sexuality by keeping them well-informed.

    It is always awesome to see stuff like this. And also to see that there are many people who have an opinion on it. Kudos to the YP Foundtation for this initiative !

  85. Neha says:

    The purpose of education is to develop mindsets, inculcate values, provide information, equip with skills and enhance quality of life. Comprehensive sexuality education does all of this and more.
    - It provides information on basic aspects of human life as anatomy, puberty, reproductive processes and sexual activity.
    - It develops values of gender equality and respect for deversity and human rights.
    - It develops skills of decision-making and negotiation, and empowers one to protect oneself from unintended consequences of sexual activity including unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections through an impartial discussion of both abstinence and contraception.
    - It improves quality of life by helping to build self-esteem, a secure sense of one’s body, sexuality and citizenship, and paves the way for pleasurable sexual and reproductive lives.

  86. Name: Prabal Bhardwaj
    Age: 23, Place of birth: Bihar.
    I believe, time has come when we need to have sex education at right age. And the best way to make it happen is through legalizing it. There are serious problems happening because of hiding sex education behind orthodoxical reasonings. Because when we all know and understand the need of sex education, why can’t we legalize it.

  87. Aditi Kaul says:

    Other than agreeing with the 100 odd comments above this one I have to say -How can a form of “education” and learning that is so important to our BEING, not be legalized. Right from small children needing to understand a good touch vs a bad touch or adolescents not knowing enough about different forms of protection or understanding your own body and sexuality.

    It just seems very odd to not legalize being able to access this information in a form that is systematized and age appropriate as well as NECESSARY.

  88. Ruchika Tara Mathur says:

    Sexuality Education is not just about sex, or our sexual preferences and rights. Its scope is wide-ranging and ‘comprehensive’. CSE discusses issues of bodily integrity, violence, relationships, pleasure, health, body image, values – it upholds the right of every individual to be informed and be equipped to take decisions in their lives.

    Most of us dream of a beautiful, brighter tomorrow and such a world is possible. What we need must realize is the importance of bringing people together, accepting and respecting each other for our differences.

    In solidarity.
    Ruchika Tara Mathur, 20

  89. Sagar Bhiwandiwala says:

    As per our Indian mentality parents doesn’t share any information with there children’s even after they are adult, but children normally catch all these information from their friends some what right & some what wrong which makes them handicap.
    For children’s no info by parents & wrong info from friends, so the only place for children’s for these knowledge is school. All subjects in school will make students future but sex education subject will make students life for creating his better future.All Young people have the right to receive comprehensive and accurate education on human sexuality so that they can make correct decisions. Evidence shows that young people who receive sexuality education are less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior. The sexuality education is very important to help young people protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections. If young people do not receive accurate information from schools or trusted sources, they rely on faulty and dangerous information from unreliable sources such as the internet or pornographic magazines, which puts them at risk. “Care is better than cure”

  90. shriya says:

    Nothing that can help us know about ourselves and those around us can be bad and Is Not A Bad Thing. Keeping this in mind , comprehensive sexuality education will guide a person through the maze that is our body – the mental, physical and hormonal aspects of it. This will make us more aware and take or make better choices,decisions and actions. This is why comprehensive sexuality education is – in my view- so vital for our country.

  91. Thushi says:

    I think comprehensive sexuality education is very much needed to accurate information on Sexaul Reproductive Heath. There are so many myths exsiting in the field of SRH. The youth do not get the propper education from Schools. No way to get from the family or relatives. Only they get from internet, magazine specially from their peers or friends. That knowledge also we can’t surely tell howmuch accurate. Youth face lot of problems bcz of this myts. Comprehensive sex education is very much needed for Youth.

  92. Adhiraj says:

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and leaving young people today armed with a little knowledge, hints and misinformation that they can gather from around them is irresponsible, if not immoral.
    Everybody has it in them to make decisions for themselves and to be responsible for their actions, and it is up to us to ensure that young people go armed with the right tools to help them make informed decisions in their lives.

  93. Naomi says:

    It’s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  94. Thanks for the great article..

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